TP-Link Singapore E-Commerce Channel Management


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TP-Link Malaysia has been a BPlus Digital partner since 2018 on e-commerce management and channel development in Malaysia. However, when expanding to Singapore, TP-Link recognized that they needed to quickly adapt their delivery channel to regain agility.


TP-Link is the world’s #1 consumer WLAN equipment brand and is constantly exploring new market opportunities. The leadership believed that e-commerce is a powerful channel to engage new and existing consumers. However, E-commerce expansion into Singapore have been slow and results are lacklustle. In order to justify incresed investment, the team need a more agile and responsive strategy to increase the impact.


TP-Link Singapore partnered with BPlus Digital to develop an 8-week e-commerce strategy transformation plan:

  • Develop and implement new e-commerce sales model
  • Realign product lineup for enhanced marketing agility
  • Optimize customer journey across multiple channels
  • Adopting digital marketing to accelerate growth

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